Cómo comer sushi en Alicante

¿Te has planteado cómo comer sushi?, hay ciertas cosas que las hacemos porque creemos que tradicionalmente son así. Pero si encima son tradiciones japonesas, las cosas se pueden distorsionar mucho más con las barreras de la distancia y del idioma. En esta entrada Umai va a mostraros a un maestro nipón explicar para Los Ángeles Times ciertos conceptos básicos sobre como se debe de comer sushi.

Sushi en Benidorm

Have you ever thought about how to eat sushi ?, there are certain things that we do because we think are traditionally well. But if above are Japanese traditions, things can distort much the barriers of distance and language. In this post will show you Umai a Japanese teacher for Los Angeles Times explaining some basic concepts about how you should eat sushi.

Задумывались ли вы о том, как поесть суши?, Есть определенные вещи, которые мы делаем, потому что мы считаем, традиционно хорошо. Но если выше Японские традиции, вещи могут исказить много такие расстояния и препятствия языке. В этом посте покажу вам Умай японский преподаватель на Los Angeles Times объясняя некоторые основные понятия о том, как вы должны съесть суши.

“Apparently eating sushi three times a week doesn’t make you an expert. According to Tokyo sushi chef Naomichi Yasuda, we’ve been doing it all horribly wrong.  

In a new video by Vice’s Munchies, seen above, the chef explains the right and wrong way to eat sushi. Rule one, eat cut rolls with your hands. We know, we were shocked too when we learned that using chopsticks to shove pieces of blue crab roll into your mouth was not proper sushi etiquette. 

And when you dunk your piece of sushi roll into soy sauce, well, don’t dunk it. Just dip what Yasuda says is “enough” to taste the soy sauce, then eat it. And don’t ever, ever eat the pickled ginger with your sushi. It’s meant to be eaten by itself, after you’ve eaten a piece of sushi.”